Kerala Lottery ABC Guessing Number Today (4, 3 Digit Numbers) 100 Winning Group

Kerala Lottery ABC Guessing Number Today 2022 – First Round (Formula Today) and Second Round (Winning Group Hari) Guessing 4 Digit and Kerala Lottery 3 Number Guessing Formula Today are shared here on the daily basis. If you’re searching for Kerala Lottery ABC Guessing Number Today then you came to the right website. As we are ahead of 30 seconds other online websites regarding the publishing of the daily Kerala Lottery Guessing Number. Our team continues working and provides accurate and fastest results over the internet.


We are going to publish the daily Kerala lottery Guessing number today as well. As you all know that today is Sunday, so everyone is eagerly waiting to check their daily guesstimates in the Kerala lottery Guessing Group. We are also looking forward to this moment to share with you our latest numbers which we have collected from different sources and sources that are 100% verified by our team members.

Kerala Lottery Guessing Number is back and it’s time to try your luck at guessing the winning number. This is the first monthly lottery draw of the year and it’s already getting everyone excited. In Kerala Lottery Game, winners are selected by correctly Guessing the number. There are two rounds in this lottery game. This game is played daily in two rounds and the result will be published at 4:00 pm and 5:pm.

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Kerala Lottery Result Guessing Number 

Kerala Lottery ABC Guessing Number Today (4, 3 Digit Numbers)


It has been a tradition in Kerala to invest in lotteries. People of Kerala love to spend their money on lotteries, and people try hard to make a fortune through these lotteries. There is no official website for Kerala Lottery Result Guessing Number. Due to poor internet connectivity, you may face some delays in getting the result updates from other portals. But, we will update this page as soon as the Kerala Lottery Result Guessing Number is announced from the location of the Lottery Game.

The lottery game, Kerala Lottery Result Guessing Today is a completely genuine game played in Kerala. Only a few states are legalized the Lottery games and West Bengal is one of them. Without any hesitation, anyone can take participate in this game.

With the next round of Kerala Lottery Result Guessing Today, people from across Kerala are anxiously waiting for the Guessing Number. These lottery players believe in Guessing and Confirm Numbers So people from across the state believe in Kerala Lottery resulting in 100 WhatsApp group hari!

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Kerala Lottery 3 Number Guessing Formula Today

The Kerala Lottery is a very popular game in Kerala State. This lottery game is determined on the basis of the Guessing Number and Confirm Number. Hence, the Kerala State Lotteries give the citizens twice a chance to win a great amount of money. So don’t be wasting your time. Kerala lottery is a lucky draw and guessing number game played on a regular basis. It is a simple game played in Kerala State.

Kerala State Lotteries is a lottery program run by the state Government of Kerala. Established in 1967, under the lottery department of the Government of Kerala, it is the first of its kind in India followed up by the other states instantly, and became famous throughout India.

There are many ways to predict the winning numbers and all of them have their own merits and demerits. Many people prefer to guess the winning number themselves while others rely on astrology or numerology to predict the winning numbers. We publish regular Kerala Lottery Guessing number updates in the morning and evening. We also provide the Kerala Lottery ABC Guessing Number today number daily. So check now and try your luck in the Kerala state lottery and win this lottery with Confirm number.

Kerala Lottery Guessing 4 Digit Number Today

Lottery Day  4 Digit Number Guessing
Sunday 4509 5083
Monday 1190 3105
Tuesday 3400 114
Wednesday **** 6434
Thursday 9402 3511
Friday 4011 0322
Saturday 3022 0112

Kerala Lottery 3 Number Guessing Formula Today

3 Digit Number Formula 100 Winning Group Hari
603 43,4000 Click Here
804 093,402 Click Here
000 400,24 Click Here
203 843,40 Click Here
100 40,202 Click Here
702 10,399 Click Here
300 04,902 Click Here
401 4,340,3 Click Here
703 340,4092 Click Here

Kerala Lottery Number 1 Guessing

1 Digit Guessing Top Guessing  Prediction Number
6 234 8034
3 342 409222
4 43 12900
0 2 40893
9 223 20911
2 924 30922
ABC Guessing Number Formula 100 Winning Group
ABCTOU 7893 King of KL
AB IMO 0900 Win-Win Group
ABC MA 9012 Jackpot Guessing
ABCOL 3801 KL Online Guessing
ABCPO 3892 Real Guessing Group
ABCK 1203 KL Lottery Prediction

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Review Kerala Lottery

The Kerala Lottery is a very popular game in Kerala State. This lottery game is determined on the basis of the Lucky Number and Lottery Guessing also Prediction Numbers. Kerala lottery draws for each weekly lottery are conducted at 3.00 pm on the draw date of a respective lottery.

Kerala Lottery or Lottery Sambad is also a famous lottery game. Through this game, many people get a chance to become millionaires and crorepati every day. Many prizes are given to the winners of Lottery Sambad, whose detailed description is as follows.

The game of lottery is banned in most of the states of India. But there are some states where the lottery is run by the state government itself. The Kerala Lottery Ticket costs only Rs.6/- so, even the poorest of the poor can buy it. The lottery is a gamble by which millions of people try their luck in the country. Lottery games are played under different names in many states of the country.

Public Group Guessing in Kerala Lottery

Name Public Group Guessing Winning Tips
Hari Ram 70300 20102
Rakesh Kumar 4093 3092
Birju Yadav 2094 3092
King Khan 1093 2011
Rohini Kumari 4093 3903
Lulu Thakur 3002 1201

Kerala Lottery Details

Kerala government organizes different lotteries. The name of the lotteries are:-

  1. Pournami (Sunday)
  2. Win-Win (Monday)
  3. Sthree Sakthi SS (Tuesday)
  4. Akshaya (Wednesday)
  5. Karunya Plus (Thursday)
  6. Nirmal (Friday)
  7. Karunya (Saturday)
  8. Bhagyamithra (1st Sunday of Every Month)

Out of this lottery, Akshaya AK 531 has good prizes. The price of this Lottery ticket is 40 rupees which are inclusive of all the GST and Taxes. Kerala lottery department releases 12 series lottery. This series may vary.

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Guide To Check Kerala Lottery Live Result

Kerala Lottery is a recognized lottery run by the Kerala Lottery Department. State Lotteries Department releases different lottery results every day. If you want to check today’s Kerala lottery result then you can do it by following the steps given below. Apart from this, the latest results numbers are also updated daily on this page.

This is how to check the results yourself:

  • Firstly visit the official website of the Kerala Lottery game.
  • In the Result View section of the main menu, click on the Result link.
  • Now the Latest Lottery Draw Results section will open in front of you
  • Click on the date for which you want to check the result.
  • Kerala Lottery Result PDF will open.
  • Now you can match your ticket number with the given numbers.
  • Hurra! You have successfully checked your result. If your guessing number is matching your result number. So this lottery you have won.

Why do People Play Kerala Lottery?

The obvious reason – it is the most important logic. Most people play the lottery because they want to win the Kerala Lottery. And how can you hit the jackpot without playing the lottery? It becomes more relatable when you learn about the crazy cash prizes awarded as lotto jackpots.

For instance, an average Kerala lottery jackpot can range from hundreds of thousands to millions, depending on how big it is. And you can become the lucky winner with just a single lottery ticket. People play the Kerala lottery because they want to win a lot of money in a short span of time. People are always looking for quick wins and instant results, and that’s why they go for buying lottery tickets online.

What is Kerala Lottery Guessing and How Does It Work

The Kerala State Lottery is a reliable lottery run by the state government. Apart from Kerala, its tickets are also sold in the states of Sikkim, West Bengal, Mizoram, and Manipur, etc. The game of lottery is banned in most of the states of India. But there are some states where the lottery is run by the state government itself. If we talk about Kerala Lottery Result Guessing Number then it is an important part of this game. This is important for all the players, by guessing these numbers, the candidate determines his exact score and wins.

How To Win Kerala Lottery By Guessing Number

If you do happen to win the lottery, the first thing you should do is tell no one. If the Kerala lottery allows you to collect your winnings anonymously, take advantage of this. Otherwise, you will learn that everybody wants your money. Long-lost friends and relatives will ask for a handout or have advice on how you should spend your money. If you value your privacy, the answer should be “no” to any unsolicited requests for money.

How to Participate in Kerala Lottery Game?

If you want to play the Kerala lottery game then you have to buy a ticket which costs from Re 1 to Rs 100. In the Kerala lottery game, the winners are decided on the basis of the number and lucky draw. The participant who correctly guesses the number of games in the first and second rounds will be the winner of the game.

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Final Words :

I hope you have read this post completely. Guys Did you like this post? tell us using the comment box If you got Kerala Lottery Guessing Number (ABC, 4, 3, and 1 Digit) through his article and you win the lottery then do not forget to share your experience with us. Bookmark this page. Keep visiting and find all Lottery Winning numbers Confirm Numbers from here and stay connected.

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