Nagaland State Lottery Prediction Today Lucky Number Winning Formula

Nagaland State Lottery Prediction Winning Formula – Hey Guy’s Welcome to NewsFresherHub. If you are interested in Nagaland State Lottery Winning Formula and searching Nagaland Lottery Calculator on Google, You have reached the right page. Here you will get the latest Nagaland lottery First Prize Last Number Target. The Nagaland Lottery Winning Tricks Formula Today will have draw no, 1st Round and 2nd Round Winning Numbers Prize. So, Nagaland Lottery Formula is available and updated for the lotteries daily. Participants who already played the game or are interested in playing can check out this post and gain some important details on the Nagaland Lottery Prediction game.


Instant Winners List & Numbers, Lottery Numbers can be checked from this page along with prize details. Nagaland State Lottery Result and Lucky Number are going to be released today. Nagaland Lottery is the actual name of this game, which is played in Nagaland and is quite popular. This is an online-only lottery numbers game in which you may win by picking numbers.

May your luck today and you win this lottery. Now you can check the Nagaland Lottery Sambad Prediction through your mobile. This game is the most played lottery game inside Nagaland and another state is also played in other countries like Bhutan. If you too are sure of your luck then you must definitely take this Nagaland State Lottery ticket. If you’re lucky, the next first prize could be yours.

Nagaland State Lottery Prediction Today Lucky Number Winning Formula


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Nagaland Lottery Lucky Number Today 2021

Nagaland Lottery is a very popular game in Nagaland State. This lottery game is determined on the basis of the Lucky Number and Lottery Prediction. This game is played daily two rounds and the result will be published at 4:00 pm and 5:pm. Here on this page, We are providing the Nagaland State Lottery Tomorrow Prediction Number of all of the games played on the day. There might be a delay in Nagaland Lottery Result updates due to the internet connectivity in the area.

The Nagaland Lottery, like every lottery game, requires guessing to determine the winning number. Guessing Lucky Numbers, some of which will be the so-called Winning numbers are part of this lotto game. In general, in any gambling game, a guess is made on the correct number that leads to a lottery win. However, in Nagaland Lottery, no guesswork is done with the provided numbers; instead, winning numbers are computed. As a result, such a game can only be played with a lot of experience.

This Lottery game system provides a hefty prize distribution. As the Weekly lotteries are named particularly, we will be providing the Daily Result Status, Lucky Draw Winner Names, and other results updates here on this page daily. You can bookmark this page for easy access to check Today Lucky Number for Sikkim Lottery. A complete PDF List of the daily winners.

Nagaland State Lottery Prediction 2022

In this game, the winner gets a chance to take home the highest prize. You can own a huge amount in this game just by guessing the points correctly. The amount depends on the lottery you won. With this money, you can fulfill all your needs. This game played in Nagaland State is the biggest game recognized by the government. Winning in this game gives you a chance to win a lot of money along with other prizes.

Therefore, We publish the Nagaland Lottery Lucky Winning Number, the Nagaland Lottery Prediction Today, Nagaland Lottery Target Number, exclusively on this webpage. Below, you can check all Nagaland Lottery Winning Number and Prediction Number at the right time.

Lottery Time  Lucky Number Prediction 
08.00 PM  091 076
04.30 PM 220 123
010.30 PM 663 134
07:45 PM 390 601

Nagaland Lottery Target Number Today 

You can see the lottery results of almost all of India. Please check the Nagaland State Lottery Target Number, here You can find Nagaland Lottery Lucky Number and also Nagaland Lottery Prediction Number. The Lucky Number of the Nagaland Lottery and the Bodoland Lottery are above. You can just check it or download it in pdf format also.

Lottery Time  Prediction Number Target Number 
03.00 PM  398 136
06.30 AM 249 023
02.30 PM 663 314
09:45 PM 602 166

Nagaland State Lottery Winning Formula

However, you can view the Nagaland Lottery Winning Tricks from 11.55 am every day. Not only that, but you can also download the PDF file of the Dear Lottery Winning Formula. At the same time, you can view the Dear Day and Dear Lottery Prediction, which are available after 4 pm and 8 pm on this page also Dear Lottery Guessing Number.

In the meantime, we update the result of the West Bengal State Lottery Prediction at 11.55 am. Therefore, we suggest you keep viewing this page to know the Nagaland Lottery Prediction 11. You can download the PDF file of the Nagaland Lottery Winning Formula Tips & Tricks.

Nagaland Night   Winning Numbers  Lucky Number
04.00 PM  107 036
05.30 PM 229 323
06.30 PM 606 134
08:45 PM 698 069

Nagaland Lottery Lucky Number

Lucky Winning Numbers: The Nagaland Lottery results are available online for all players who took part in the game. Here is the list of Lucky winning numbers for today’s lottery:

Time Table   Lucky Number Target Number 
03.00 PM 139 136
07.30 AM 826 234
08.00 AM 226 341
09:45 PM 98 692

Contact & Submit Your Lucky Number 

About This Nagaland Lottery Number

The game is exclusively played in Nagaland State and is available for playing all seven days of the week from Sunday to Monday. Any player participating in the game can gamble up to eight times in one day. However, on Sunday, these chances/ Bazi are reduced to four times only. The game rounds/ Baazi and timing for the game for each weekday from morning to evening are given in the table below.

Lotteries have sprung up in the world from the Hebrew, Egyptian, Hindu, Chinese, and Roman peoples. Lotteries are very popular gambling based on random prize draw. In the early twentieth century, this type of game became popular and was considered illegal in many countries until the end of World War II. In the 1860s, casinos and lotteries were legalized and raised funds for federal taxes in many countries.

Nagaland Lottery Sambad is a popular gambling game in India. Two years ago the Indian supreme court allowed all state governments that they can ban the sale of lottery in their state. Now only 13 states of India allow lotteries. These are Nagaland, Kerala, Maharashtra, Goa, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab,  Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, and Mizoram.

Nagaland Lottery is back intending to get revenue and provide a legal forum for individuals to contribute to the economic expansion. This was started so that the Kingdom of Nagaland Lottery is able to turnover revenue for the Kingdom. The lottery operates under the government, and each is legally determined by its winnings square. Several square measure lottery schemes are run by the government to encourage additional and additional participation.

Nagaland State Lottery Prize List

Here we have described the lottery prize details and winning number list. All the participants are highly requested to confirm the winning prize amount before buying the lottery ticket.  The upcoming details will help you to find out the right details about the lottery ticket and prize money. For example, if you win the 1st prize, then you will get 1 crore Rs as prize money. Furthermore, the 2nd prize will be Rs 9000; the 3rd prize is Rs 500, 4t prize is Rs 250, and the 5th winner will get Rs 100 as prize money.

Lottery Position  Prize Money 
First Rs.10000000
Second Rs. 9000
Third Rs. 500
Fourth RS. 250

Nagaland State Lottery Result Prediction

Lottery Name Nagaland Lottery Lottery
Draw Number 202, 30 and 120
State Nagaland State
Lottery Ticket  prize 300/- to 500
Prize Money 01 Crore
Shillong TEER Result released Online
Today’s Date 13 August 2022
Official website to check result

How To Check Nagaland Lottery Result Online

Nagaland Lottery is a recognized lottery run by the Lottery Sambnad Department. State Lotteries Department releases different lottery results every day. If you want to check today’s Nagaland lottery result then you can do it by following the steps given below. Apart from this, the latest results numbers are also updated daily on this page.

  • Firstly visit the official website of the Nagaland Lottery game.
  • In the Result View section of the main menu, click on the Result link.
  • Now the Latest Lottery Draw Results section will open in front of you
  • Click on the date for which you want to check the result.
  • Nagaland Lottery Result PDF will open.
  • Now you can match your ticket number with the given numbers.

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Nagaland Lottery Prediction Winning Tricks

Nagaland Lottery Prediction FAQs

Do you have any questions related to Nagaland Lottery? if yes then this section is for you. I have covered the most asked questions below. I hope you will get your answer from them. If you have any other questions then you can ask us with the help of a comment box. I will answer you if I think your question can be asked by many. I will add that question here in the FAQs section.

What is Nagaland Lottery Prediction Lucky Number?

As you know any lottery game involves guesswork on the winning number, the same is with the Nagaland Lottery. This lottery game includes Lucky random numbers out of which some will be the so-called Winning numbers. In general, under any Gambling game, a guess is done on the correct number leading to the winning of any lottery. Here lakhs of people participate daily and try their luck. But this whole game is based on Nagaland Lottery Hit Number and Target Number if the candidate guesses the correct hit number then it is winning. The Nagaland Lottery Prediction Number will be calculated using a mathematical formula.

How can I Claim the Prize in case I win the Lottery?

You will be required to submit a filled form to the state government along with the relevant documents to claim the prize. Please contact Lottery Sambad online lottery agencies in Nagaland to know more about this.

How does the Game Work?

The game works on the basis of guesses. In the Satta Matka game, there are many people guessing at the same time. In this, the correct guess takes the prize money.

How to Participate in Nagaland Lottery Game?

If you want to play the Nagaland Lottery game then you have to buy a ticket which costs from Re 1 to Rs 100. In the Nagaland Lottery game, the winners are decided on the basis of the number. The participant who correctly guesses the number of arrows fired in the first and second rounds will be the winner of the game.

Final Words :

I hope you have read this post completely. Guys Did you like this post? tell us using the comment box If you got Nagaland Lottery Prediction Lucy Number through his article and you win the lottery then do not forget to share your experience with us. bookmark this page. Keep visiting and find all Lottery lucky numbers and Target Numbers from here and stay connected.

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