Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Top Meadows Aide Cassidy Hutchinson to Testify at Jan. 6 Hearing

Cassidy Hutchinson, who worked as a senior aide to Mark Meadows during her tenure at the White House

Will be testifying at a special joint hearing between the January House Committee. According to multiple sources familiar with the matter

Hutchinson completed all of her required training and fitness tests for a formal appointment by Donald Trump in 2018.

Last week, a columnist for Punchbowl News reported that at least two Republican lawmakers had sought pardons via the president

So as to pardon their colleagues who participated in the firestorm that engulfed the state capitol building.

 An investigation into these requests is what led to the discovery of an alleged plot by Governor Hutchinson and her accomplice to collude with President Trump


On using a pardon as leverage to rescue their candidate from certain defeat in his bid for re-election this November.

It is uncertain from sources close to these political figures how many people were actually involved in what prosecutors are now calling an attempted coup, or whether everyone involved was caught.

The committee unexpectedly halted its pursuit of the investigation during a closed session Monday, saying it would hold a hearing Tuesday and offer new evidence to the public but did not specify who might be presenting


The panel had previously said it would take a break on the presentation of evidence until mid-July. The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET.

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